About the DBA

About Delavan’s Downtown Business Association & Downtown Delavan

Mission – The Delavan Downtown Business Association is an organization of independent businesses in downtown Delavan.  Our mission is to promote downtown Delavan and help bring tourists to Delavan!  We want visitors to the area to discover our beautiful, historic and vibrant downtown. We want to enhance the visibility of Delavan as a destination. In addition, we beautify the downtown area with American Flags and support the Historic Foundation’s Hanging Flower Baskets. This enhances and maintains the small town charm that is Delavan.The DBA sponsors the annual Scarecrow Fest in September, continuing our tradition started in 2001.  We also started a Farmer’s Market in 2010 that takes place throughout the summer in Tower Park on Thursday afternoons. We do other promotions, such as “Love Your Neighbor” Food Drive in February, “Tax Relief Days” in April, Discover Delavan Wine & Cheese in May, our Holiday Walk and Holiday Open House in November. We try to entice you with events and promotions to make your downtown Delavan experience more enjoyable.We invite you to visit our downtown today. Our historic downtown is easy to find—when Highway 11 changes from blacktop to brick, you’ve arrived. Discover downtown Delavan for yourself and all we have to offer. We have charming gift shops, exceptional specialty shops, notable antiques stores, and wonderful casual dining.

Our downtown is also full of history. Take a walk up to Tower Park and you’ll see a six foot clown statue that is dwarfed by a rising 20 foot elephant. The elephant represents Romeo, the famous rogue elephant that weighed 10,500 pounds and was owned by the Mabie Brothers U.S. Olympic Circus in 1854. This monument was erected July 23, 1985 by the Delavan Historical Preservation Society and Clown Alley #22. If you walk to the west end of the park, you’ll discover Ginny the Giraffe. Are you wondering why we have circus statues in Tower Park?

Delavan is rich in circus history! In fact, Delavan is the birthplace of “The Greatest Show on Earth.” William C. Coup conceived a plan to organize what became the original P.T. Barnum Circus in 1870. The circus left Delavan on March 20, 1881. The Barnum & Bailey Circus was formed in 1881 when P.T. Barnum and James Anthony Bailey joined forces.  P.T. Barnum died in 1895 and is buried in Delavan’s Spring Grove Cemetery. Romeo & Juliet’s Garden near the  old movie theatre marks the spot where “The Greatest Show on Earth” was conceived.

While walking up and down our sidewalks, you may notice a section of brick in the sidewalk. When you look closer, you’ll notice that some of the bricks are engraved.  The Historic Foundation sells engraved bricks to be put in the sidewalk, as a fundraiser. (You can find a brick form on our website under Historic Foundation.)

We invite you to follow the brick road to Downtown Delavan and discover all we have to offer. Discover Downtown Delavan today!

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If you would like more information on the DBA, please feel free to contact any of our officers:

President:  Laura Jacobs-Welch, Brick Street Market,104 E. Walworth Ave., Suite 101, 740-1880

Vice President:  Becky Baker, Charter Communications, 608-921-4282

Secretary:  Jill Lubick, Lubick Gallery, 117 S. 3rd St., 740-1996

Treasurer:  Karen Wuttke, Remember When, 313 E. Walworth Ave., 728-8670
Public Relations Director:  Lorie Wuttke, Remember When, 313 E. Walworth Ave., 728-8670