Delavan Historic Foundation

Delavan Historic Foundation
The Delavan Historic Foundation is a nonprofit foundation that maintains the beautiful flower baskets that hang throughout downtown Delavan in the summer. The Historic Foundation raises money by selling bricks you can have inscribed and placed in the downtown sidewalks to commemorate people or events.  You will notice a brick section on our downtown sidewalks; some of the bricks are inscribed and some are waiting to be inscribed.
The minimum donation for a brick is $50. You can download an order form from our site.
The Historic Foundation also has an “Adopt-A-Flower-Basket” program where for $100 you can “adopt” one of the 56 flower baskets that hang off the downtown streetlights. If you’d like to “adopt” a flower basket, just send a $100 check to:
Delavan Historic Foundation
P.O. Box 342
Delavan, WI 53115
The Historic Foundation also has merchandise that is sold in some downtown businesses. They have a Delavan afghan that comes in multiple colors that is $50. They also have two styles of ornaments; a downtown Delavan ornament and a Delavan Lake ornament. The ornaments are $24 to $28, depending on whether the ornament comes with a stand or not. The final item the Historic Foundation sells is a Delavan keychain for $6. The sale of these items also fund the flower baskets and other historic events the foundation may sponsor. Please check out the DBA Store to see these items and where you can purchase them.
If you would like more information on the Delavan Historic Foundation, you can write them at the above address, or contact Linda Siert at . . .please place “Historic Foundation” in the subject.

Thank you for supporting the Delavan Historic Foundation and Delavan’s Hanging Flower Baskets.